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to memphis, four to five inches above normal rainfall. and you're getting more today. and look at texas. here's some interesting news. dallas is two inches above their normal rainfall for the month of december. but remember, they're ten inches below normal for the year. they've got a lot of room to make up. most of the state of texas was in extreme drought right now. that drops down to eastern texas. western texas does not get rain today. and they desperately need it. here comes strong santa ana winds. for the system that brings some rain. you'll get the backside of powerful wind. ventura county, oxnard through l.a. ocean side, san diego, palm springs. you're getting the whipping wind of 60 miles per hour-plus, in some locations today. a little bit of sunshine to start our day to day. a little breezy periodically today and into tomorrow. now.0's right 5 in the district and winchester is at 46 degrees. we are on our way to the upper with areas of rain locally this afternoon. nothing too heavy or widespread. >> oh, that brutal december weather. atlanta hits a record 70 degrees today. robin? geo
me guess. i'm assuming she's going to say texas. she's from texas. >> in texas. everything's bigger in texas. my mom was in town visiting last week. she called the trees on the streets here in new york puny. >> this, by the way is the biggest weekend of the year for christmas tree shopping. this morning, we have the secrets from the mall. the stores are reading your mind as you shop. the cameras decode your facial expressions. you'll be shocked to know why they're doing it. they want us to spend more money. >> you went to the mall. i can't wait to see the piece. >>> and the sailors who became internet stars. brightening up the season lip-synching to mariah carey's "all i want for christmas." they're back on land this morning, home for the holidays. we'll tell you what this wild crew is up to. all still ahead. >> they have an incredible story. they were supposed to gout for seven weeks. it turned into seven months. we'll get to their story in a bit. we're going to start with the news. rob nelson is in this morning. >>> a spectacular story. the wild scene in hollywood. a shootout in o
on this christmas eve, causing treacherous travel from wisconsin to texas. so, which states will see a white christmas this year? everything you need to know to get to grandma's house safely this christmas. >>> the perks of procrastination. with less than 24 hours to go, it will be chaos today at america's malls. for those who waited, the deals will be huge. although, the lines will be long. if you're a procrastinator, are you actually better off waiting for the deals on the day after christmas? >>> royal scare. a frightening day for the royal family. prince philip, the queen's husband, is rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery. we have the latest on the 90-year-old's condition. how will his illness affect kate's first royal christmas? >>> and -- ♪ jingle bells jingle bells ♪ ♪ jingle all the way >> kickoff your christmas with us. we have great tunes. ♪ with a one-horse open sleigh ♪ >> which will be the soundtrack to a fierce competition. which "gma" anchor can build the best gingerbread house? ♪ oh, what fun it is to ride ♪ ♪ oh, what fun it is to ride ♪ ♪ oh, wha
, north florida and south georgia. and more snow in colorado and west texas, believe it or not, and even into new mexico there are some problems that you can't see, one of them is the strong winds going on in southern california. 60-mile-an-hour to 75-mile-per-hour santa ana winds that knocked over trees and trucks as well. what surprised us there were 98-mile-per-hour wind gusts in ventura county and we did not expect that. as far as the snow go, coming out of denver, moving into west texas, we had big total, three feet of snow west of denver, 10 or 11 inches in albuquerque new mexico. and now abilene texas has the potential of picking up a white christmas for the first time in years and years. i guess it was the '80s since they had it. these strong storms caused unusual tornado, one in alabama and one in georgia. david kerley is standing by in some of the worst damage right there in calhoun, georgia, where there's debris everywhere. good morning, david. >> reporter: sam, believe it or not, this was a house yesterday. but that powerful storm raked right across alabama and here in georgi
back to the southwest, snow in texas. energizing storm pattern, interesting for us towards the end of the week, whether he get to a mostly cloudy, high of 60. >>> fog as you mentioned. fog all around the area. use extra caution as you head out. a lot of slow traffic on most of our major roadways as we look at i-95 south of white marsh, getting reports of accident clean up in the area. be prepared for brake lights. beltway, jfx, slow traffic in the southbound lane as we look at i-83 here at northern parkway. for a look at news, here is charlie. >>> workers placing water meters all over ballet nor -- baltimore, we will get your chance to see repairs later at 11:00, st thousand homes will receive new water meters, they can be read remotely eliminating the need for workers to travel to homes and replace outdated meters that no longer function properly. back to new york for more of good morning america. >>> country singer mindy mccready caught right in the middle of a family fight over who should take care of her son. not everyone her father and mother can agree on who should have custo
. the troops in that last convoy are from the first calvary division based at ft. hood, texas. marking the historic occasion. you can see the vehicle i took a photograph of earlier. last vehicle out of ish rack. the reason this vehicle was the last one is because it was being used as a medevac vehicle. at the end of the convoy, in case it needed to rescue anyone attacked. but it never did. >> richard, i got to tell you. seems like a lifetime ago, i was at msnbc, you were in iraq as the war began. you have been there virtually nonstop. what are your emotions on this day, watching it come to a close? >> reporter: since we're here with the troops, it's a time for them to reflect on what they've seen. many troops have been here on three, sometimes four tours in iraq. and now they know they are not going to have to go back. some of these troops are thinking ahead that they will have to deploy eventually to afghanistan. but this is a day for the troops for many americans, closure to the iraq war. what happens next remains unclear. a very large u.s. embassy presence, thousands of contractors
. >>> and out of control. take a look at this. a terrifying incident at cowboy stadium in texas as a runaway electric car plows into a group of people. this morning there are injuries, and the big question is, how could this happen? >>> good morning, everybody. let's take a look at that video again. the cart was being used to pick up yard markers from the field. it looks like somehow one of the markers got stuck in the accelerator. one of the head coaches got hit there. we'll have the full story coming up. >> it was a high school football championship game. that was the winning coach from the team that got hit. so a lot of people there were terrified. we'll have more on that story coming up. >>> also, we have a lot of fun stuff to get to this morning like the holiday movie scenes we're so fascinated with like the tongue stuck on that frozen pole in "the christmas story." is all of this scientifically possible? how will clark griswold speeding down the hill in "christmas vacation" work out? our meteorologist ginger zee finds out for real. >> i don't think she was willing to do the tongue thin
at texas. here's some interesting news. dallas is two inches above their normal rainfall for the month of december. but remember, they're ten inches below normal for the year. they've got a lot of room to make up. most of the state of texas was in extreme drought right now. that drops down to eastern texas. western texas does not get rain today. and they desperately need it. here comes strong santa ana winds. for the storm system that moves into the northwest today and brings some rain, you'll get the backside of powerful wind. ventura county, oxnard through l.a. ocean side, san diego, palm springs. you're getting the whipping wind of 60 miles per hour-plus, in some locations today. >> oh, that brutal december weather. atlanta hits a record 70 degrees today. robin? george? >> they're loving it. sam, thank you. >>> now, to a possible break in the case of the so-called geezer bandit, the masked robber breaking into banks on the west coast. police tracking an important lead in tracking the elusive suspect. abc's david wright has the story. >> reporter: they call him the geezer bandit. ove
after we roll into thursday. already blizzard warnings on the board. new mexico, texas, oklahoma, on into kansas, this is where the storm really winds up. most of the pop lated city or urban areas will not get a lot of snow. it will be wide open in the plains, an awful lot of snow. the powerful part of the storm kicks up lightning. wouldn't be surprised to see tornadoes. this week, a lot of folks are traveling. a good part of the south will have to watch for violent to strong thunderstorms. it will likely slow down the air travel. >> a little personal forecast for robin and george. when you step outside in just a minute, the real chill is in. it gets better as the day goes on. >> thank you for that, sam. >>> coming up, the desperate search for a missing toddler who vanished from her bedroom in the middle of the night. >>> and the chilling home invasion caught on tape. how this young girl hid from intruders just steps away from her. hi. you know, i can save you 15% today if you open up a charge card account with us. [ male announcer ] identity thieves never stop coming up with way
iraq arrived home in time for the holiday. family and friends were on hand at ft. hood in texas to welcome back the nearly 200 soldiers who arrived in the u.s. even earlier than expected. >>> north korea's military is closing ranks around kim jong-il's successor and they've begun referring to his son as the supreme leader of the military. it is considered crucial if he's going to consolidate control to assign north korea's military first policy. >>> and it was 20 years ago today that mikhail gorbachev announced that he would be stepping down as soviet president. now gorbachev is urging prime minister vladimir putin to give up power. the former leader spoke after tens of thousands of people demonstrated in moscow and across russia against putin's rule. they were the largest protests since the ones that brought down gorbachev and the soviet union. >>> britain's royal family won't be all together this christmas. prince philip, queen elizabeth's 90-year-old husband, is still in the hospital after undergoing heart surgery and abc's lama hasan joins us now from london with the latest.
will get six to ten inches of snow. that's the arctic blast. we have rain in east texas and toward, probably florida. south florida gets showers today. >> more from sam, coming up. >>> he wanted me to tell you that this holiday season, the present you might not have appreciated in the past is more likely than ever to be under your tree. abc's david wright has the story. ♪ >> reporter: for the mannheim steamroller crowd, the christmas sweater has long been a fashion must. >> hi. >> reporter: like david beckham? reindeer cardigans must be cool. if victoria lets him wear that in public. clark w. griswold and bridget jones would be happy to note, the ugly sweater has come back in a big way. on "modern family" this week, cam sported a snowman sweater vest. >> it's my christmas sweater. >> reporter: in thrift stores, they're in short supply. >> can't get enough of them. they fly out the door. >> reporter: amazing. anne blackman is sort of the martha stewart of ugly sweaters. i enjoy making these. i enjoy crafting. >> reporter: buying up every ugly sweater she can find and making them u
showed off his superman socks as he accepted the trophy. very cool. >> big move for baylor. go texas. >>> now to the super bowl of weather, here is ginger zee. >> thank you. i was going say, i saw your spiderman socks in the office there. i don't have any of those, but i have a radar to show that will make folks in texas, very happy. the drought not really dented from yesterday's rain but you get more of it this morning. heaviest rain in eastern florida and western georgia. let's fly across the nation, rain beginning in southern california. before winter storm watches starts tomorrow. monday is going to be a snowy day in the mountain southwest. tampa, wet and windy through the southwest. some of the coldest air of the season sticking around in the northeast. chicago, slightly warmer, almost to 40. that's the big picture. >> it's not even that nice in hawaii. flash flood watch for hawaii. this weather has been brought to you by chase. >> we're not missing out on much sun. >> all right, coming up here on "good morning america" -- >> battle of the gma all-stars. our consumer experts go
use of lobster traps. >>> dan, do you know where they take trees seriously? >> where. >> in texas. everything's bigger in texas. my mom was in town visiting last week. she called the trees on the streets here in new york puny. >> this, by the way is the biggest weekend for christmas tree shopping of the year. this morning, we have the se secrets from the mall. the stores are reading your mind as you shop. the cameras decode your facial expressio expressions. it will shock you to learn that they're doing it because they want us to spend more. >> i can't wait to see footage of you shopping. >>> and the sailors who became internet stars. brightening up the season lip-synching to mariah carey's "all i want for christmas." they're amazing guys. >> they were supposed to be on a seven-week tour. it turned into seven months. we're going to start with the news. >>> good morning, guys. good morning to you everybody. police in virginia have identified the man that kald virginia tech police officer and then himself. they don't know the motive. the 22-year-old was a part-time student at nearby
. >>> there's a big boost for the young texas fashion editor who was severely injured after walking into a plane propeller three weeks ago. as lauren scruggs continues to make remarkable progress, friends gathered for a fund-raiser to celebrate her courage. and dan harris is back with more on this story. a good one. >> she is an impressive young, woman. no question about it. this morning, you see a community stepping up for lauren scruggs. and you're going to hear a surprisingly upbeat update from lauren's mom. >> this family has given so much to us. we need to give back. >> reporter: a big show of support overnight for lauren scruggs, the 23-year-old part-time model and fashion editor. a fund-raiser at a restaurant in plano, texas, to help pay her medical bills. >> i'm really here for them. lauren has a long road ahead in recovery. >> anything we can do to help. >> reporter: on december 3rd, lauren took a plane ride with a family friend to get an aerial view of the christmas lights in north texas. after she got off the plane, she somehow walked into the propeller, which sliced her
of west texas. midland right in the jackpot area. you're going to have a couple inches on the ground by the time it's all said and done. there's not many of us that can go out and play in the snow this weekend. there's no snow on the ground. it's amazing that most of the michigan, wisconsin and minnesota doesn't have snow on the ground. it's crazy. as far as the forecast for christmas eve, rain down in texas and into louisiana, and that looks like where the rain is >> things are looking good around entire state, here in baltimore, topping at 45, and t. 40 in denver and you had some snow earlier this week so you also get a white christmas. that's a look at your holiday forecast. amy, back to you. >>> now to one boy's near death experience and what he described as the trip to heaven that's been a publishing phenomenon. we'll talk to colton and his parents in just a moment. but first, colton answers astounding story. >> some people have called this god's country with christmas job sunrises and rolling farmland. imperial nebraska, population 1,982, is the heartland. it's also where todd,
in the texas panhandle. scattered snow showers in new en s >> good morning and merry christmas. we are off to a son is stark but chilly temperatures. better to the afternoon. highs in the that is the news. merry christmas everyone. let's send it back to everyone. >> thanks very much. now to politics. the business of running the country doesn't stop on christmas day not to mention the business of running to run the country. of course there's plenty to talk about this holiday season. john harwood is cnbc's chief washington correspondent. john, good morning. merry christmas. good to see you. >> merry christmas, lester. >> we're just a little over a week away until the first contest of the election season, the iowa caucus. there's been such a buildup. is it important to finish number one or is finishing in the top three keeping you in a good position? >> it depends on who you are. if you're mitt romney, you don't really need to win the iowa caucuses because you think your stronghold is the new hampshire primary, which comes up a week later. if you're newt gingrich and you're trying to prevent
a very special surprise for some people in texas who have lost everything in a devastating wildfire. we'll have a live reveal coming up this morning and it's heartwarming to see this all the time. >> looking very much forward to that. >>> but we begin this half hour in maine, and that search for 20-month-old ayla reynolds. her mother speaks out in a live interview in a moment but first, nbc's adidi roy has the latest. adidi, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, natalie. over the last 24 hours we've definitely seen an escalation in police activities in front of the home where little ayla was last seen. authorities are still calling this a missing person's investigation, using sources like cadaver dogs to scour the area. neighbors leave toys on the lawn while police put up crime scene tape, reminders of 20-month-old ayla reynolds who seepingly vanished from this home last friday. investigators set up a command post where ayla lived with her father >> that home was thes last place that ayla was reported to be. we need to go through that as thoroughly as we can. >> reporter: alth
mexico, 24 inches of snow. 70-mile-per-hour. there were 100 car rescues from the panhandle of texas, all the way through new mexico. and then the storm got really cranking in colorado through kansas. i-70 is closed. ginger zee is right in the middle of it. good morning, ginger. >> reporter: sam, parts of southwest kansas got up to a foot of snow. that's more than half of their annual snowfall. it's huge for them. that doesn't happen often, and it doesn't happen like this. we had the wind with the snow. you get drifts of 1 to 3 feet. that combo proved to be deadly. from kansas, to colorado, to new mexico. a cold, winter blast has pummeled the great plains, just days before a busy holiday weekend. the storm turned deadly in new mexico, where four people died on the highway. over 100 stranded motorists in texas called 911, pleading to be rescued, as snow ripped through the region. in colorado, snow plus strong winds whipped through lincoln county, causing big rigs to slide off the road, closing highways. >> go real, real slow. they can't hurry. and with the visibility like it is, find some
. rain from >> all that water was brought to you by purina. next half hour, we talk about west texas snow. >> oh, snow in texas. >>> coming up, budgeting at buckingham palace. why the queen is being forced the cut a few more corners right now. come on back. look! did you ever see a more beautiful sight? captain! it's just a mirage. - snowy? what is it, boy? - [ barks ] what do you see? [ yipping ] [ woman announcing ] just like snowy, your dog's one of a kind. overactive imagination and all. [ barking ] long live your buddy. long live your dog. [ tintin ] snowy! purina dog chow. see the adventures of tintin, only in theaters. write "you're pretty." you're pretty! ♪ i think he hurt his tibia. what's a tibia? [ female announcer ] cards are not for sending. ♪ they're for bringing us together. this holiday, select cardscome. ♪ i must have the wrong house. sister? we missed you. they waited up all night for you, you know. it's a long way from west africa. [ inhales deeply ] he's here. i brought you something. [ chuckles ] really? ♪ [ chuckles ] what are you doing? you're
babies in tow. this is support for one mom from texas, who says she was bullied by target employees, for breast-feeding in the store. here's abc's abbie boudreau. >> reporter: you've heard of a sit-in. how about a nurse-in. mothers across america protested at more than 100 target stores across the country. their message about breast-feeding in public. >> it's only an issue if you make it an issue. >> reporter: michelle hickman started the national protest through a protest page, now with almost 7,000 members, after she sat down at her local target, in houston, texas, to feed her blanket-covered infant, in a remote part of the store. she was asked to go to the fitting room. >> it's not about me. it's about women all over the world. this is having an affect upon on a daily basis. and then, standing up for their rights. >> reporter: she never dreamed the protest would go viral. but thousands of mothers came out with their babies in solidarity. target says they welcome the demonstrators, like this one in chicago. >> target is a family-oriented family. so, to breast-feed in our store, ta
comes from. what is that? bismarck at 7 below. denver at 13 below. amarillo, texas, at 11 below. those are the windchills. was that a drip >> are we live? we're standing outside. it's off and on showers. not too bad. back inside. lara? >> thank you, sam. >>> here's a look at what we have coming up on our "gma morning menu." inside the challenging world of "teen moms 2." their kids are toddlers. they're here live to tell us how they are dealing with that. >>> she battled blemishes. and gave herself an amazing makeover. her tips changed her life. an now, she wants to help you change yours. she'll give us the secret. >>> tyra banks is revealing her gift guide for the holidays. more coming up here on "good morning america." ♪ express yourself [ female announcer ] the newest seasonal flavors are here. ♪ express yourself ♪ [ female announcer ] because coffee is like the holidays. ♪ oh, do it [ female announcer ] it's better when you add your flavor. coffee-mate. from nestle. we all want fewer chemicals. all free clear oxi-active. a free clear detergent that's tough on stains and gent
been called in to rescue stranded drivers on one highway in texas. al willt have the latest. >>> a fight to avoid a new year's tax increase for millions of americans. house republicans are moving to extend the payroll tax cut and unemployment benefits for two months. house speaker john boehner says a short-term fix isn't enough. we'll get details from capitol hill coming up. >>> we'll also have an exclusive interview with the mother of former "survivor" producer bruce beresford-redman who's in a jail in los angeles fighting extradition to mexico where he is accused of killing his wife. >>> a little later, two big names live in our studio, former president bill clinton and carole king. >> exciting on both counts. but we begin with that major storm that's making travel and nightmare from new mexico to kansas. we'll be talking to al in just a moment. but first the weather channel's mike seidel is in garnden city, kansas, with more. mike, i'm sorry to see you out there in it. what can you tell us? >> reporter: i can tell you it's still snowing and blowing. you get a sense of wha
accepted the trophy. very cool. >> big move for baylor. go, texas. >> now to the super woman of weather, here's ginger zee. hey, ginger. >> thank you. i was just going to say, i saw your spider-man socks in the office there. i don't have any of those, but i do have a radar to show you that makes folks in texas very happy. the drought not really dented from yesterday's rain but you get a little bit more this morning west of dallas. heaviest rain in eastern florida and western georgia. let's fly across the nation, and give you an idea of what's happening. rain beginning in southern california before the winter storm watches happen for tomorrow, so monday is going to be a snowy day in the mountain southwest. waco showing 50 there in the rain pocket. tampa, as well, wet and windy through the southeast. cold. some of the coldest air of the season sticking around in the northeast. chicago, >> and it's not even that nice in hawaii. wanted to make a hawaiian note. flash flood watches for all islands. don't get to mention them that often. this weather has been brought to you by chase. now back t
construction of a controversial oil pipeline from canada, to texas, which the white house currently opposes. >>> president obama will be addressing troops, meanwhile, at ft. bragg, north carolina, to mark the end of the war in iraq. he is going to promise veterans the help they need on return. some 5,000 troops are still serving in iraq. but all are due home at month's end. >>> and new developments in the sex abuse scandal involving syracuse university's basketball program. two men claimed assistant coach bernie fine who abused them are suing the school and head coach jim boeheim for defamation. boeheim called them liars when they first came forward. he apologized for those remarks. police say the men's abuse claims are credible. but it's too late for criminal prosecution. >>> and if you've ever been annoyed by television commercials that are suddenly louder than the program you're watching, we have good news. the fcc will enforce new rules to make tv stations have the same volume between shows and commercials -- >> yay. all right. woo hoo. >>> also this morning, the postal service is delay
normal for precipitation. more rain and snow. nothing over you, right around normal. and, texas, unfortunately, the drought continues. but to go along with it, warmer >> we'll get deeper into your forecast in just a little bit. but for now, back to george. >> thank you, ginger. a lot more coming up here on "gma," including alicia keys and bono. twizzlers. the twist you can't resist. nyquil tylenol: we are?ylenol. you know we're kinda like twins. nyquil (stuffy): yeah, we both relieve coughs, sneezing, aches, fevers. tylenol: and i relieve nasal congestion. nyquil (stuffy): overachiever. anncr vo: tylenol cold multi-symptom nighttime relieves nasal congestion... nyquil cold & flu doesn't. cool! get 5% cash back... at department stores now high five!! alright! activate your 5% cash back at does the cost of quitting smoking stop you from trying? try the (new) affordable nicorette gum pocket pack each pack has twenty pieces to help you get started, smoking is expensive, quitting doesn't have to be. try the new nicorette pocket pack can you believe it another smokth
be a miracle, a young texas model who walked directly into a small plane spinning propeller is recovering faster than anyone expected. nbc's janet shamlian is here. good morning. >> ann good morning. it's only been two weeks since the awful accident, badly mutilated lauren scruggs. she is showing everyone around her that this determined young woman is going to fight back. for lauren scruggs, the road to recovery has been miracle after miracle. according to her parents, writing on the blog where they have updating lauren's condition. >> i am lauren scruggs with lo-lo mag. >> reporter: and there is probably no better indication than her renewed passion for fashion. she is now picking out her own clothes, dressing herself and exercising to stay in shape. >> lauren is a little fighter. i mean, she -- you guys don't know her, but her personality, she loved to work out, she was healthy before, so the physical therapist would say do ten of these, raise your hand ten times and she does twelve. or take 10 steps and she takes 30. >> reporter: she has been moved from intensive care to rehab and re
can see all of the rain in texas into louisiana. also into -- well, mississippi. for that area, it includes new orleans, by the way. the reason we're watching it, in yesterday's weaker rain, there was a tornado in alabama. there might be a few more popping there. that's one area of weather that's bad on the boards today. we'll show you two. one of them is all of the rain down into the southeast and the eastern coast of the nation. and also, the big snowmaker in the west. with that rain that happened yesterday, this will be the second day of heavy rain in the southeast. there was enough rain in the atlanta area. quick hit of two inches of rain. when you get the wash on the roads, it takes a few inches to move a car off the roads. we had some problems with flooding in the atlanta area. i would not be surprised to see that two inches happen again in the atlanta area. and in denver, this is the picture of douglas county, just outside of the denver area yesterday. we'll call this the first official snowfall of the season. because winter started 10:30 central time officially there ye
to hear them. police identified the pilot as curt richmond of frisco, texas. he is a friend of the scruggs family, who had taken lauren up to look at christmas lights saturday night. richmond has not answered our repeated request for an interview. investigators still aren't sure exactly what happened. but the scruggs family does not blame the pilot. they believe lauren walked back towards his plane to say thank you. perhaps, as he was preparing to take off again. >> it would be one of your worst nightmares to see someone looming up out of the darkness towards a propeller that was running. >> reporter: a nightmare that forever changed one young woman's life in a split-second. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, dallas. >> what a freak accident. >>> time, now, for another check of the weather. sam is here. >> it's going to be slow-going, today, overnight tonight, for a good part of the eastern half of the nation. we have six states under flood watches and warnings right now because of the heavy rain involved in the system. zero in on the areas shaded in red. it's getting two to
this morning. did they collide in midair? >>> after school mystery. shots ring out at a texas middle school late in the day. hundreds of students in the crosshairs. two are on the basketball court. are hunters to blame? police are scrambling to find answers this morning. >>> remarkable recovery. why the parents of the former model injured by the plane propeller, say her new milestone is a miracle. walking the hospital hallways on her own. new details from her family this morning. >>> and the ultimate party crashers. how one couple picked up a cell phone to the stars. and they ended up at paris hilton's birthday bash. their here with their story. adam sandler helped them crack the code. >>> good morning, america. we piqued your interest with that last one. >> yeah. >> you don't know who that star is. >> adam sandler did. >>> there's a crucial day ahead in the penn state scandal, for the former coach, jerry sandusky, facing his accusers directly in court this morning. going to show you live pictures. you're looking outside the courthouse, where the dramatic hearing will be taking place shortl
're investigating in san antonio, texas, at least one place. michael welner, strong words this morning. thank you for coming in. thank you very much. we appreciate it. thank you, doctor. >>> let's get over to bianna, over to you. >>> we'll switch gears now and turn to a crook who has police in southern california stumped. this man has been on a one-man bank robbery crime spree for the past two years. they call him the geezer bandit and he's struck again. but this time, he may have finally slipped up. here's abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: there he was, again, in one hand a note demanding cash and in the other a gun. the teller gave him the money and something else, a hidden dye pack that exploded as he left. >> there's quite a bit of money in the parking lot. spread out over several different parking stalls. we're not sure if he got away with any money or not. >> reporter: the geezer bandit also dropped what appears to be a small address book, potentially a big break for police. >> they might get lucky and get fingerprints off of what he dropped. you might not be able to identify him, but you
for a year. it forces him to make a decision on a controversial canada to texas oil pipeline. >>> leon panetta arrived overseas in libya. the first pentagon chief to visit that country. he meets with leaders of the government today. how will the u.s. help the new libyan government will be determined. >>> and in the philippines, more than two dozen people were killed and dozens are missing after flood waters flowed over the islands. rivers overflowed and muddy waters cascaded. >>> and last month's hazing death of a florida drum major was ruled a homicide. he died within an hour of being beaten. he has injuries to his chest, arms, shourders and back and had internal bleeding. >>> and the so-called barefoot bandit has been sentenced to seven years in prison. he pleaded guilty to dozens of charges, including burglary and identity theft. from his two-year crime spree. he pled guilty for federal charges as well. and be sentenced for that some time next year. >>> finally, heavy snow in china has created a winter wonderland for a couple of pandas. the pandas, seen there, that's one of them, ro
: also making a late surge is texas governor rick perry. after stumbling badly -- >> i -- oops. >> reporter: perry has made a comeback in the polls and has spent more on tv ads than any other candidate. >> jon, you've been covering politics for a long time. not to age you. you're still a young man. but given your experience, what is different about iowa this time around? >> reporter: well, dan, look at the caucuses this time. i have never seen a more topsy-turvy race. at various times over the past four months or so, i count six different candidates that had the lead at one point or another. in august, it was michele bachmann with the clear lead here. she is in last place in most of the polls of those competing in iowa. >> six different front-runners. it's incredible. jon, thanks for your reporting this morning. >>> let's bring in republican strategist, mary matalin. thanks for joining us this new year's eve. >> good morning. happy new year's. >> happy new year's to you. mitt romney and ron paul is leading the pack in iowa right now. who, in your opinion, is going to come out o
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